In 2023, bring your team to Intro to Rotomolding

Dru Laws hosts an Introduction to Rotational Molding seminar at the Sonesta Nashville Airport on July 21 from 8 AM – 4:30 PM.

Register for Nashville. The cost is $275/member and $775/non-members. Breakfast and lunch are included. You can book your room directly through the hotel here.

In less than two years, more than 250 people have attended the seminar. You can read their endorsements here.

The seminar covers the key elements of the rotomolding process. This includes available materials, the main types of equipment used, processing parameters, process control methods to optimize part properties and key design guidelines. Attendees will have plenty of opportunities to ask questions and explore areas of particular interest.

Course Outline

Molding Cycle Overview & Temperature Profile

    • Heating and Cooling

    • Particle Shape and Size

    • Venting and Pressure

    • Rotation Speeds and Ratios

    • Static and Humidity

    • Other variables

Basic Quality Testing

    • Pre-Process Testing

    • Post-Process Testing

Wall thickness

    • Simulated Data

    • Test Data

    • Comparing to Other Processes

    • Skin Mapping

    • Design Considerations

Impact testing

    • Definitions

    • Layer Evolution

    • Impact Maturation


    • When it occurs.

    • Where it happens.

    • Why it matters.

What Happens in the Oven

    • Oven Heating Types

    • Oven Shapes

    • Anatomy of an Oven

    • Dissecting the Temperature Profile

    • Rotation Reversal

Process Control

    • What can it do?

    • What could we all be doing?

    • Why do you care?

The Rule of Three

    • Basic Machine Layout

    • Temperature Profile in the Oven Station

    • Temperature Profile in the Cooling Station

    • The Basic Steps in the Service Station

    • Powder-to-Part Density Reduction

    • Energy Consumed by the Polyethylene

    • Simple Quality Confirmations

Dru Laws

Dru Laws has shared his experience and expertise with other rotomolders endlessly through his involvement with ARM. He has frequently organized and spoken at rotomolding conferences large and small. He has presented at multiple international conferences. For many years he has presented ARM’s Introduction to Rotomolding seminar which is an entry into rotomolding for many members. When the Association needs a volunteer, he is often the first to say yes.

Laws a Past President of ARM. He has chaired Committees and written ARM’s Rotational Molding Foam Process Guide. He graduated with distinction from the Queens University of Belfast in Northern Ireland with an MSc in Polymer Engineering, emphasizing in Rotational Foam Molding. He began his experience in rotational molding at Mity-Lite and is now an executive at Tango Manufacturing.

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