EPCRA Reporting Training Available On-Demand for Members

ARM has added a valuable new webinar to our members-only on-demand training archive. Our training archive is a key benefit of membership in the Association.

Conceptual keyboard - Training (green key)

EPCRA Reporting and Combustible Dust features representatives from the EPA and OSHA providing the information to determine your responsibility for EPCRA reporting, how to fulfill that responsibility, labeling requirements of shipped containers and workplace labeling, and combustible dust as defined in the Combustible Dust National Emphasis Program and as a hazardous chemical in accordance with Hazcom 2012. All US rotomolders should review the webinar if they have any questions about their responsibility. Suppliers should attend so they can educate their rotomolder customers.

Members can watch this webinar and 17 others on-demand  by logging into the Members’ section at www.rotomolding.org then visiting the Webinar section here: http://www.rotomolding.org/Member/Webinars.aspx

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