Mark Kearns and Paul Nugent Talks Announced for New Orleans

ARM announced last week the speakers and topics that will open the general sessions in New Orleans on Monday and Tuesday, September 26 and 27. These speakers are in addition to previously announced Sunday afternoon keynote speaker Dennis Snow.

The remainder of general session and workshop speakers and titles will be announced in the coming weeks. For more information on the 40th Anniversary Convention September 24-27 at the Marriott New Orleans click here.

Fabulous at Forty? by Paul Nugent

Paul Nugent presents on lean safetyThe rotomolding industry of today has certainly advanced in many ways beyond its fledgling state when ARM was formed in 1976; in many ways, however, it has not. Many molders are Gloriously Fabulous of course, but while there are many developments that can help push rotomolding into new territories, on a day-to-day basis there are too many mundane issues that stubbornly hold it back. As we look ahead to the next 40 years, what can or will change? Not just in terms of technology but in terms of attitudes, industry dynamics, market position and perception. What forces will affect molders and who will drive or respond to the changes that arise? This presentation will take a look at where we have come from – technically, commercially and as a community – and consider industry and societal factors that might affect rotomolding by mid-century.

The Rotomolding Factory of the Future
by Mark Kearns, Queen’s University Belfast

mark-kearnsSignificant technological advances in production methods, control, automation, robotics and innovative materials are already having an impact on rotomolding today. As ARM celebrates its establishment 40 years ago, this presentation will address how the rotomoulding industry might evolve, develop and transform over the next 40 years. What impact will the 4th Industrial Revolution have on the shape of the rotomolding factory of the future? How will rotomoulding machines, moulds, materials, markets and factories change over the next 40 years? This presentation will look at the Rotomolding Factory of the Future and identify some future trends and technologies detailing their potential impact on future rotomoulding technology, production and markets.

Seminar and Meeting Registration

We have a wealth of great presentations for the 40th Anniversary Meeting. The remainder of the General Sessions and Workshops will be announced in the coming weeks

To celebrate this special anniversary, we invite luminaries to attend the meeting. Please encourage any retired members or those no longer in rotomolding or related industries to register for the meeting at a discounted rate using this form.

To register online, please click here or register by faxing/mailing a PDF to ARM Staff.

Table Tops and Sponsorship information can be found here.

The ARM Room rate is $179/night and is available only by calling 504-581-1000 or by making reservations online here. Please reference ARM or the Association of Rotation.


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