Join These Rotomolders in Toronto July 13

Join rotomolders from ACO Containers/Rotoplast 2000, Acrylon Plastics, Agri-Plastics, Flexahopper Plastics, Rescraft Plastics, and RTS Companies at the ARM Regional Meeting in Toronto-Oakville.

Bill Spenceley

Bill Spenceley (Flexahopper Plastics) is one of many speakers at this cost-efficient event.

Ron Cooke (ExxonMobil Chemical Company), Doug Cunningham (Rescraft Plastics), Adam Covington (Ferry Industries), Pierre Dumas (Nexeo Solutions), Bill Spenceley (Flexahopper Plastics), Scott Waterman (Axel Plastics Research Laboratories), and more will present at the Regional Meeting on July 13 from 8:30 AM – 4 PM. Register now for this cost-efficient meeting with a robust agenda.

Education sessions include:

  • Case Studies of Successful Rotomolding Operations
  • Troubleshooting Your Rotomolding Operation from the Shop Floor Perspective
  • Proper Application of Mold Release and Teflon Coating
  • Burner Maintenance
  • Case Studies of Trouble Parts & Group Problem Solving
  • RheVision — A Landfill Diversion Resin
  • In-Mold Video
  • What’s Your Problem?


The meeting has moved from Yorkdale to The Holiday Inn Oakville (on Argus Road), which is 20 minutes from the Pearson Airport (approx 10 mins further than the old hotel). You can reserve a room here or call 800.842.0092 and ask for the ARM rate.

  • If you register four or more attendees, you receive 33% off all your registration fees.

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