Do you want fries with that?

Adam Webb
Adam Webb

This profile of McDonald’s as a distracted company trying to get out of a sales slump is fascinating. There’s an internal debate raging between the company’s new CEO Steve Easterbrook and franchisees about whether to continue trying new things to restore growth or to focus on their “core burger competencies”: fast & food.

The waiting time in the McDonald’s drive-through lane has increased 24% in the last ten years (from 152 to 189.5 seconds) — during a time when the public is expecting everything faster. Do you measure your success in terms of seconds?

In addition to reducing cycle time, many of the other challenges facing McDonald’s are similar to what rotomolders address day in and day out: communicating the quality of their product, sourcing raw materials from suppliers, and customizing their product for the customer.

Do McDonald’s challenges relate to your business?

Adam Webb is the Executive Director of the Association of Rotational Molders.

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  1. Thanks for the post, Adam, and the reference to McDonald’s is very relevant as we all search for the “secret sauce” that will differentiate our businesses. On a related note, I recently saw an interview with McDonald’s new CMO, who is “re-branding” the business to create more direct dialog with the consumer. In the case of McDonald’s, however, I believe it’s more of getting back to their core model (i.e. clean restaurants, consistent experience, hot food served quickly), etc. than “engaging in a conversation.” We’ll see…

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