Promoting Hard Work & Skilled Trades

Peter Connors
Peter Connors

As manufacturers in America we all know that there are good jobs available to people who love to work with their hands. Our society however seems to ignore this fact and keeps suggesting that everyone should be focused on a college education. Taking up the torch for all those tradesmen out there who are backbone of America is Mike Rowe, who came to prominence as host of “Dirty Jobs”. Mike has a foundation to promote opportunities in the “trades” and to stimulate and promote apprenticeship opportunities. If you too want to open the eyes of today’s youth to the benefits of these alternate career paths I suggest you visit Mike Rowe Works and support his cause.

Peter Connors is the owner of Remcon Plastics, Inc. and a member of the ARM Board of Directors.

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  1. Right on the money, Peter. There are great career opportunities in manufacturing, and we need to advocate on its behalf. We’ve had success in attracting skilled welders, for example, by building a strong relationship with local high schools and community colleges in developing a welding “feeder” program to our business. This benefits our business, our customers, and our communities, and provides the opportunity for fulfilling careers for skilled tradespeople.

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