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Bob Dunne
Bob Dunne

Usually when one thinks of a foundation it is in the vein of being a strong base and usually classified as an immobile object. I like to think of the new Rotomolding Foundation as in its infancy but definitely on a roll!

As you may know, the Foundation was formed by ARM in order to advance the knowledge and continued feasibility of rotomolding and I want to update you on its progress so far and outline some of the near term activities that the Foundation will pursue.

REDF has jointly with the ARM Education Committee completed work on a fascinating in-mold video that puts you inside of a 500 degree mold and allows you to develop insight into what happens inside a mold during the molding process. No doubt the video will be an important part of our members’ libraries so the Foundation and the Committee will be distributing copies to all attendees at the Fall annual meeting in Denver. Be there to obtain your copy!

Additionally, in support of our webinar sponsors, the Foundation will be assisting in developing and underwriting ARM Webinars on various rotational molding concepts in 2015 thus providing educational opportunities to existing members. Also on the education front the foundation will provide funds to help students attend the annual two-day seminar at Penn College that teach students the basics of rotational molding.

In order to support future projects, the ARM Board has announced that it will match donations made in 2015 up to $25,000 total.  In order to recognize the donors and to keep the membership informed of its activities, visit the Foundation web page:  There a current list of donors and their company affiliation has been posted and will be updated as additional donations are received.

Finally, for a little fun and to support future projects, the Foundation is anticipating holding an auction of fun and valuable items at the fall meeting hosted by none other than Former President Daven Claerbout! If you have an interest in donating items or assisting with the auction, please email us at and we will contact you!

Bob Dunne is the President of Meese Orbitron Dunne, a member of the Rotomolding Education and Development Foundation Board of Governors, and a member of the ARM Board of Directors.

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