Jim Braeunig Announces Retirement


Jim Braeunig

ARM Past President Jim Braeunig has announced his retirement as CEO and President of Hedstrom Corporation. We congratulate Jim and thank him for his years of service on behalf of our industry.

Jim shared this note:

This announcement comes with much emotion and gratitude as I announce my retirement which takes effect February 21, 2017. I joined Hedstrom on February 8, 1982, and after 35 years of service I leave knowing that I have done the very best I could through all of the company changes, including two bankruptcies, equity firm buy-outs, the formation of a Joint Venture, four BBS acquisitions and market disruptions to name just a few. Continue reading

Life’s just too short to rotomold polycarbonate!


Dr. Nick Henwood

In the early 2000s my company was doing some research on rotomolding polycarbonate (PC) and this was the heart-felt response of one of my technicians, who had spent nearly a month producing various scrap parts using this interesting – but very frustrating – polymer.

PC is another of those materials that would be absolutely fantastic for rotomolders – provided it was rotomoldable!  Three times as stiff as ordinary PE roto grades, excellent creep resistance, high heat resistance, extremely high impact strength and paintable (with the right paint systems).

Another really interesting aspect is that PC is Continue reading

Why I’m Attending the ARM/ARMA Executive Forum


Dave Smith

I am attending the Executive Forum this year because it is a great opportunity to interface not only with the usual ARM attendees we but also because we will have the opportunity to hear from and network with the members of of ARMA. These industry leaders are great molders and they will offer a different perspective on production and procedures.

I have had the luxury of attending foreign meetings in the last few years and it’s a very different opportunity. This Hawaii meeting will provide a unique opportunity to network with Australian and Chinese rotomolders without having to travel all the way around the world. You will be amazed at what you can learn during a coffee break just by talking with molders who do things completely differently than we do.

I know a great meeting will be had by those who join us in Hawaii. I’ll see you there!!

ARM’s 2017 Executive Forum will be conducted jointly with ARMA — the Association of Rotational Molders Australasia — March 26-28 in Maui. Learn more at Hawaii2017.com

Dave Smith is the President of Romotech and a Past President of ARM.

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Why can’t I rotomold ABS?


Dr. Nick Henwood – ARM Technical Director

ARM Technical Director, Nick Henwood, is drafting a publication for the ARM Education Committee on rotomoldable polymers other than PE, PP, and PVC. Early drafts of each chapter will be published here every two weeks.

If you’re looking for a polymer that’s superior to polyethylene (PE) in terms of properties, ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene terpolymer) is a good candidate.  It’s a very popular choice made by injection molders who want to make great looking parts that are heat resistant and tough.

So can you rotomold it?

Continue reading

“Stiffness Models for Multi-Layered Parts” Added to ARM Webinar Library

webinarThe newest addition to the ARM webinar library is Stiffness Models for Multi-Layered Parts, in which Dr. Nick Henwood provides new information and insights to enable product designers to optimize their calculations of part performance

Last month we added Henry Hay’s presentation on Considerations When Light-Weighting Parts.

More than 20 webinars are available on-demand and free to members by logging in at the ARM Website and clicking Webinars.

What webinar topics would you like to see this year?

Trilogy Plastics Named Finalist for Processor of the Year


Trilogy Plastics

Plastics News has named ARM member Trilogy Plastics a finalist for their Processor of the Year Award. Candidates are evaluated on seven criteria: financial performance, quality, customer relations, employee relations, environmental performance, industry/public service and technological innovation. A team of judges — members of Plastics News’ editorial staff — evaluated all submissions and chose the 2016 finalists. The winner will be announced in March.

Plastics News writes about the history of the company:

Trilogy Plastics began more than 100 years ago. The original company, called Old King Cole Inc., turned out some iconic advertising figures like Mr. Peanut and the dog famous for hearing “his master’s voice” on a record.

The company began rotomolding in the late 1950s, the early days of the industry. But beginning in 1970s, hard times hit, and the company went through a series of ownership changes. A creditor took over, changed the company name and was an absentee owner. The business dwindled down at its aging plant in Louisville, Ohio.

Steve Osborn and his partner, Bruce Frank, bought the business in 1987. Osborn was a turnaround consultant in Cleveland with the Ernst & Ernst accounting firm (now Ernst & Young). He was looking for a manufacturing business to buy, and the old rotomolding company was in bad shape — and inexpensive. The company had just 13 employees.