2023 ARM Annual Meeting Education in Brief

Our Annual Meeting in Kansas City offers many educational opportunities for everyone in the rotomolding industry from September 27-29. We’ve summarized all of the sessions, breakouts, and seminars below. Questions? Check the FAQ.

General Sessions


  • Keynote: Leaving A Legacy Chad Hymas, a quadriplegic who defied the odds after a life-changing accident, is a motivational speaker and world-class wheelchair athlete. He will inspires audiences globally with his powerful story of perseverance and achievement.
  • Enhancing Competitive Advantage Discover cost-effective product design strategies through case studies by Tom Innis.
  • Scientific Approaches to Part Quality: Gareth McDowell shares measurement strategies to meet and exceed quality targets.
  • Crosslinked Polyethylene Recycling Denis Rodrigue discusses recycling techniques and preliminary research findings.
  • Recycled Solutions in Rotomolding Dustin Turgeon explores incorporating flexible recycled polyethylene into products.
  • Product Track and Trace Jim Crawshaw will highlight the benefits of RFID and plastic tracking methods for rotomolders.


  • Advancements in Rotational Molding Explore modeling, simulation, and sensor technologies for improved product development, presented by Mark Kearns.
  • Plastics Forecast Panel Get insights from Chris Gick and Perc Pineda on future trends in the plastics industry.
  • Cyber Security Protect yourself and your family from cyber crimes with expert tips from Scott Augenbaum.
  • Halltec Hornet: Learn about the award-winning rotomolded product proced by Tango Manufacturing, ARM’s 2022 Product of the Year.

Workshops (Thursday)

  • Cooling — Still the Final Frontier? Examine the challenges and lack of control in the cooling process of rotomolding. Understand the mechanisms at work and their impact on part quality.
  • Curing of Mold Release and Controlling Warpage Learn the importance of curing mold release for improved quality and cost reduction. Understand when and why to apply different formulations of mold release.
  • Cyber Security: Protecting the Business Scott Augenbaum, a former FBI agent, shares knowledge on preventing cybercrime. Provides no-cost action plans to protect individuals, families, and organizations.
  • Problem-Solving Concepts for Roto Learn problem-solving techniques and tools for overcoming technical challenges in rotomolding including practical examples.
    Resin Automation Explore different ways to utilize resin automation for improved manufacturing. Discuss small to complex solutions tailored to customer needs and desired results.
    What’s Your Problem? Collaborative troubleshooting session with industry experts to address operational issues.

Seminars (Tuesday)

  • Introduction to Rotomolding Dru Laws covers key elements of the rotomolding process, materials, equipment, and design guidelines.
  • Advanced Rotomolding Nick Henwood explores Melt Index, density, alternatives to PE, data sheets, thickness control, curing, shrinkage, process monitoring, troubleshooting, and scrap reduction.
  • Design Michael Paloian focuses on rotational molded part design, fundamentals, case studies, problem-solving exercises, and becoming design experts.

Dig into the details of all these sessions and everything else the Annual Meeting provides.

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