Don’t Forget Your Venting

ARM Technical Director
Nick Henwood

Last year I wrote a blog for ARM that pointed out the importance of adequate venting and the bad consequences of not ensuring that your venting for each tool is adequate.  This is VITAL to making a quality part.

While I’m sure that many of you are fully aware of this subject, I still get regular queries from molders along the lines of:

“I’m getting defects in my part, which occur along the parting line… what am I doing wrong?”

There’s a danger that old timers like me forget that new people are joining our rotomolding family all the time.  Just look around at all the new faces at an ARM meeting and you’ll see what I mean!

Even if you already know all this stuff, ask yourself:  is there anyone working in your shop who doesn’t know the basics… or someone who would benefit from a reminder?

Don’t forget that ARM has a wealth of on-line training material, all available on our website, as a free-to-member benefit.  The New Year might be an excellent time to make sure that everyone in your organization is fully up to speed!

My original blog is available here.  I hope you find it useful.

Happy rotomolding!

Dr. Nick Henwood serves as the Technical Director for the Association of Rotational Molders. He has 30+ years experience in rotomolding, specializing in the fields of materials development and process control. He operates as a consultant, researcher and educator through his own company, Rotomotive Limited, based in UK.

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