Adriana Mercader Named Flexahopper Plastics CEO

Flexahopper Plastics named Adriana Mercader, MBA the new CEO of the Alberta-based rotational molding company.

Adriana joined Flexahopper Plastics in 2009 as Director of Marketing, advancing to Corporate Vice-President in 2015.

Since taking a leading role at Flexahopper, Adriana has helped guide the company into new growth markets and has been instrumental in the development of a strong team culture. As a principled leader, she’s driven to create an innovative, collaborative, and inclusive work environment. 

Passionate about her community, Adriana serves on several industry boards and is involved in social projects across Southern Alberta.  

Flexahopper President Bill Spenceley said, “We’re very pleased to see Adriana take on this new role and I look forward to focusing on my primary role of leading the R&D and innovative developments within our company.”

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