Laws and Murdough to be Inducted in the Rotational Hall of Fame

ARM is excited to announce that Dru Laws (Tango Manufacturing) and Tom Murdough (Simplay3) have been elected to the Rotational Molding Hall of Fame. They will be inducted on September 23 at the ARM Annual Meeting/Rotoplas in Rosemont.

R. Dru Laws

Dru Laws
Dru Laws has shared his experience and expertise with other rotomolders endlessly through his involvement with ARM. He has frequently organized and spoken at rotomolding conferences large and small. He has presented at multiple international conferences. For many years he has presented ARM’s Introduction to Rotomolding seminar which is an entry into rotomolding for many members. When the Association needs a volunteer, he is often the first to say yes.

Laws is ARM’s immediate Past President. He has chaired Committees and written ARM’s Rotational Molding Foam Process Guide. He graduated with distinction from the Queens University of Belfast in Northern Ireland with an MSc in Polymer Engineering, emphasizing in Rotational Foam Molding. He began his experience in rotational molding at Mity-Lite and is now an executive at Tango Manufacturing.

Tom Murdough

Tom Murdough
Tom Murdough is the innovative founder of Little Tikes, Step 2 Corporation, and most recently Simplay3 Corporation. Tom and his design team changed the face of the small household toy and the outdoor home playground markets and ultimately convinced many other molders that there was a business beyond tanks and simple moldings.

Murdough and his companies provided significant technical contributions to the global rotational molding industry, including pioneering the use of Teflon coating of molds and designing products that can be assembled with few or no fasteners. Through smart design techniques, Murdough inspired complicated mold designs that previously had been thought to be impossible. Little Tikes’ needs drove innovations in UV protection and color matrix developments for its outdoor products that all molders enjoy the benefits of today.

The Nomination & Election Process

  • Nominations for the Hall of Fame were collected from the industry throughout the Spring.
  • All nominations received from 2016 – 2021 comprised the longlist.
  • The ARM Executive Committee elected a Hall of Fame Selection Committee comprised of six members of the Hall of Fame.
  • The Selection Committee narrowed the longlist to a shortlist of five nominees.
  • All Hall of Fame members voted on a ballot to elect two inductees from the shortlist.

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