Online Education: More than 100 videos and webinars on demand for members

ARM webinars were viewed 10,000 times in 2020, twice as many times as 2019.  This number includes live webinar attendance and recorded webinar views, in which members watch our 10+ years of webinars at their convenience on the ARM website.

We now offer more than 100 videos on-demand for members. Non-members can join ARM here. Members can access all of the titles listed below immediately. 

  • Operator Training Program (25 Videos) by Nick Henwood, Dru Laws, and more Click for the detailed contents
  • Finishing Series (5 videos): Secondary Finishing Operations, Graphics, EPS Molding, PU Foaming, In-Mold Label Free Graphics and Coatings by Konstantia Asteriadou, Jason Brownell, Rick Carlsen, Corey Eystad, Nick Henwood, and Scott Saxman
  • Rotational Molding Design (6 videos) by Michael Paloian
  • Case Study: Body Board by Mario Poma
  • Challenges and Approaches in using Post-Consumer Recycled in Rotomolding by Henry Hay
  • Fade Resistance of Pigments by Mike Haubert
  • Foam Technology by Alex Pritchard
  • Fracture Mechanics for Rotational Molding by Sachin Waigaonkar
  • Introduction to Long-Term Material Properties by Nick Henwood
  • Leveraging New Resins – Collaborating with your Material Supplier to Elevate your Business by Carmine D’Agostino and Hassan Riaz
  • Polyethylene Market Update 2020 by Chris Gick
  • The Progression of Industry 4.0 principles for Rotational Molding by Rob Miller
  • Roto+10 by Paul Nugent
  • SWOT Analysis of Rotomomolding Process by Rick Carlsen
  • UV Stability & Heat Aging by Thomas Steele
  • Virtual Plant Tours by Matt Bushman and Mick Webber
  • Virtual Reality to Optimise the Design and Build a New Rotomoulding Factory by Karem Akoul
  • Welding 101 by Kevin McTavish
  • Burner Maintenance presented by Adam Covington
  • Considerations When Light-Weighting Rotomolded Parts presented by Henry Hay
  • Cooling Fixtures presented by Ron Joannou Jr. and Joey Morsi
  • Determining Your True Cost presented by Steve Osborn
  • The Effect of Pigments and Warpage on HDPE Rotomolded Parts by Mike Haubert
  • EPCRA Reporting & Combustible Dust (with Roto 101 Intro) presented by EPA & OSHA
  • Finishing Parts with Robots (Case Study) presented by Dru Laws
  • Finite Element Analysis: The Basics presented by Michael Paloian
  • Improving Rotational Molded Insert Performance presented by Glenn Larkin and Jon Ratzlaff
  • In-Process Rotational Foam Molding presented by Dru Laws
  • Infrared Thermography presented by Bill Spenceley
  • Lengthening the Life of Your Mold presented by Tony Short
  • Making the Most of Trade Shows by Melissa Shearer
  • Making the Most of Your Marketing Budget presented by Melissa Shearer
  • Mold Clamping Methods – Pros and Cons presented by Erik Adams and Bob Mueller
  • Mold Release presented by Even Silo & Scott Waterman
  • Mold Trends: Europe v. North America presented by Sergio Zilioli
  • Part Cure As it Relates to Industry 4.0 by Rob Miller
  • Part Cure: How To Use Part Density to Check For Correct Cure by Nick Henwood
  • Part Cure: Troubleshooting by Ron Cooke
  • Process Control: Modelling the Rotomolding Process by Hassan Riaz
  • Process Tuning 101 by Nick Henwood
  • Prop 65 for Rotomolders presented by Mike Haubert
  • Proper Sampling Techniques presented by Josh Hunsberger and Dave Loeffler
  • Rebranding Your Business (Case Study) presented by Tom Innis
  • Resin Rotomation by Rob Miller
  • Rotational Molding & the Evolving Structural Part Processing Business presented by Dr. Peter Mooney
  • Roto 101 presented by Rick Carlsen & Ron Joannou Jr.
  • Safety in Rotomolding & OSHA Compliance presented by Dave Schwoerer
  • Save Energy & Save Money presented by Bill Spenceley
  • Selecting the Right PE Grade for Your Part presented by Nick Henwood
  • Selling in Tough Times and Uncertain Market by Paul Reilly
  • The Seven Stages of Rotomolding by Gareth McDowell
  • Solve Cosmetic Part Problems presented by Jon Ratzlaff
  • Stiffness Models and Options for Multi-Layered Parts presented by Dr. Nick Henwood
  • Test Method for Flowability (Dry Flow Rate) of Polyethylene Powders Using a Specified Funnel presented by Ron Cooke & Jon Ratzlaff
  • Ten Actionable Business Topics by Tom Kammerait
  • Troubleshooting Your Rotomolding Operation from a Shop Floor Perspective presented by Ron Cooke
  • Turning a 4% Bottom Line into a 10% Bottom Line presented by Al Bates
  • Understanding the Molding Cycle presented by Gareth MacDowell
  • Unwanted Holes in Rotomolded Parts by Nick Henwood
  • Vent Plug Materials, Techniques, and Installations by Sandy Scaccia
  • What Does Internal Air Mold Temperature Have to do with Quality presented by Gareth McDowell
  • What’s New (May 2020) presented by 18 ARM Suppliers
  • What’s Your Problem (2 videos) presented by Ron Cooke & Sandy Scaccia

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