The State of ARM: Webinars

ARM concluded our year-long Operator Training Program webinar series.

Here is a complete outline of the webinars conducted as part of the series in 2018. The entire series is available on demand to ARM members on our website. It represents more than 8 hours in training for operators and new hires.

      1. What You Need to Know on Day One

      2. Venting

      3. Minimizing Waste & Contamination

      4. Parting Lines

      5. Review Session of 1-4

      6. Molds & Mold Maintenance

      7. Material Weighing

      8. Inside the Mold

      9. Mold Temperature

      10. Shrinkage & Warpage

      11. Thickness Control

      12. Review Session of 6-11

      13. Polyethylene

      14. Other Rotomolding Materials

      15. Mold Release

      16. Safety Review

      17. Review Session of 13-16

  1. Beginning November 1, ARM also began publishing Spanish translations of the webinar series. You can find the translations here. More are added at the beginning of every month.

    In addition to the operator-oriented series, ARM presents additional webinars on a variety of rotomolding-related topics. In August, ARM presented one of it’s most popular webinars yet: a discussion of the new Proposition 65 rules and how it can affect rotomolders. During the program Mike Haubert of Mosaic Roto Division of Mosaic Color & Additives answered our common questions gathered from our members about the California law that can affect anyone making a part that is sold in California. A recording of the webinar is available along with our entire library of 40+ webinars on demand for members on ARM’s website.

    During the ARM Annual Meeting, our Committee will meet to finalize plans for 2019’s webinar series on important technical and practical subjects for rotomolders.

    We’re ending the year by sharing updates with our members on The State of ARM.

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