The State of ARM: Wage Survey

Wage Survey

ARM’s new Wage & Fringe Benefit Study covers many of the critical elements needed to attract and retain the best staff possible. Work environment, safety, hiring procedures, training, and benefits are all important components of this package.  The final element is providing competitive compensation — particularly in a tight labor market.

If you are having trouble attracting candidates, or are losing valuable employees, it is time to reevaluate your total compensation package.  How do you know if your compensation package is competitive? One place to begin is by comparing your wages and benefits to other companies within the rotational molding industry.

The ARM Wage & Fringe Benefit Report will provide statistical information on the rotational molding industry so you can benchmark your company against others.

The Wage & Fringe Benefit Survey will provide you with the data driven results to make informed decisions about your workforce. Participants in the Wage & Fringe Benefit Survey will receive information related to:

  • Hourly wages for 17 shop floor job titles

  • Benefits (Retirement, Healthcare, Vacation, etc.)

Contact ARM staff to find out if there’s still time to submit data.

We’re ending the year by sharing updates with our members on The State of ARM.

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