Operator Training online beginning February 14

This Valentine’s Day rotomolding operators have a date with ARM President Dru Laws, as we kick off our Operator Training Program with What to Know on Day One. This is the first in a series of eleven webinars that will provide an introduction to the rotomolding process and a focus on operator-specific issues.


We’ll conduct a new presentation approximately every two weeks. If you miss a session live, recordings will be available shortly thereafter. Live webinars and recordings are available free to members.

The schedule for the first four webinars follows:

February 14 at 10 AM Central: What to Know on Day One
February 28 at 10 AM Central: Venting
March 14 at 10 AM Central: Parting Lines, Contamination, Minimizing Waste
April 4 at 10 AM Central: Review of Session 1-3

Additional sessions in the program include:

  • Tooling and Tooling Maintenance
  • Correct weighing and material handling & What Happens During Rotomolding
  • Mold release agents, shrinkage and warpage, and thickness control
  • Identifying the correct materials
  • Safety in Rotomolding and other operations

Members should check their ARM emails or email staff at info@rotomolding.org to sign up.

Register by February 7 and we’ll send you a little something to help you study.

Register for the the opening session scheduled for Valentine’s Day and we’ll enter you in a random drawing for  one dozen roses.

Encourage your operators to take part in the webinars as we conduct them in 2018. Here’s why: The more operators who take part in the courses while it is being presented – instead of waiting for all sessions to be completed – the better the course will be. We’ll provide participants with three short self-assessments during the program and adjust our review sessions to address concepts that are being missed. By getting your operators involved now, you will improve the quality of this training tool which will be available to your company for years to come.

Once we’ve conducted all eleven webinars, members will have free online access to a 6-hour training program divided into 15-20 minute segments, perfect for new hires.

The Operator Training Program is a project of the Rotomolding Education Development Foundation, ARM Technical Director Nick Henwood, and the ARM Education Committee.

Register: Members should check their ARM emails or email staff at info@rotomolding.org to sign up.

Not a member? Join now.

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