An Employers Greatest Debt

Dru Laws

I hope I’ve never said it, because I cringe every time I hear it … “Our employees are our greatest asset”.

The relationships we have with our assets is vastly different than the relationships we should have with our employees. 
The last time I checked, my employees are not property. I don’t own them, and neither does the company I work for. In fact, quite the contrary.  We are simply borrowing them for 8 hours per day. They are on loan to us from their families.
Their spouses, parents, and/or children have entrusted them to us for 1/3 of every week day. Their families loan them to us every day.  We are indebted to them, and as such, these families are our creditors.
R. Dru Laws is Vice President of Seljan Company in Lake Mills Wisconsin, the Vice President of ARM (Association of Rotational Molding), and a global contributing editor to RotoWorld Magazine.

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