Growing with Metrics and Benchmarking

Bill SpenceleyAs your business grows, metrics become an essential tool in running your operation. But have you ever wondered how your company compares to the industry (specifically the rotomolding industry)?

Yes, there are some publications that provide rankings but they only provide a few data points. ARM annually provides its members with a very detailed and useful report that compares your data to the rotomolding industry on average and to high-profit rotomolders in particular. (There is no cost to you for taking part.)

Since 2009 we have worked at arm’s length with an independent firm out of Colorado (Profit Planning Group) which is a leader specializing in industry performance studies. Profit Planning Group goes to great effort to secure your reporting so that you can rest easy with the confidence knowing your data can never be shared.

The result for each participant is a very powerful document that highlights your company’s strengths and weaknesses in comparison to the industry. The report documents the specific areas where your company can improve and grow profit. This is a report that rotomolders want in their hands every year. Whether you’re interested in your firm’s health, focused on increasing profits, looking at refinancing (banks love it), or considering selling the company, I strongly recommend you join the many participants in ARM who are taking advantage of this service.

ARM pays to conduct this survey every year – but there is no cost for our members to take part.

To download the survey or view a sample report, click here.

Bill Spenceley is President of Flexahopper Plastics and the immediate Past President of the Association of Rotational Molders.

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