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Sandy Scaccia
Sandy Scaccia

I just returned from a trip to Mexico where I attended and participated in a seminar on rotational molding.  A couple of things struck me during that conference.

First, it has always intrigued me how similar the issues facing rotational molders are no matter where they are in the world.  I suppose in some cases, market issues may be significantly different but for the most part, molders all over the world are dealing with the same production challenges.  Take for instance problems with part warpage, shape or dimensional control, or that ubiquitous challenge of shortening cycle times.  These are things that seem to tie all rotational molders into a common thread.  “Does anyone know of a good way to get resin build-up off molds?  I have color streaking in my parts, any suggestions on what is causing it?  What is the best particle size distribution for ground resin?  How can I keep flat parts flat?”  Sound familiar?  These are only a few of many common questions that I hear and they can come from anywhere in the world.

Second, from my observations in these sessions, you can always count on networking with other molders, with the same challenges, as a primary learning vehicle to overcoming those challenges.

These observations only enhance what is already generally accepted in our industry and that is the power of networking.  Not just listening, but sharing.  Networking is at its most powerful when it operates as a two way conversation.  No matter what part of the world you are in I would encourage you to participate in your rotomolding association.  They are the primary source of networking and you will no doubt be surprised at how fast the payback from your time and dues will be.  So I encourage you to not only be in the rotomolding community but be a part of it.  Join, Share, Learn, Grow.

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Sandy Scaccia is the owner of Norstar Aluminum Molds and the current Chairman of the ARM Promotion Committee.

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  1. Enjoyed and agree with your post, Sandy. Among the many benefits of networking, suppliers become aware of challenges facing molders, and then are better able to build solutions to these challenges. As such, networking is a vital catalyst in the continuous improvement and growth of our industry.

    1. Awesome article Sandy.
      I experience the same globally
      I have introduce a new program “Back to Basics” where i address all the issues you mention.
      There are answers to all your questions but they are not always obvious!
      That is why RM is so awesome!

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