Design will drive rotomolding growth

Bill Spenceley
Bill Spenceley

I’ve been involved in this industry going on 33 years and I’m still impressed by the spirit of innovation that characterizes the process of rotational molding. Back when I started, you could travel a long distance before you’d see something made by the process, yet today it has become very common. I also think that, even with the advances in new materials and process technologies, our largest growth potential for this industry is with design. I’ve seen prime examples of this when I travel throughout Europe and abroad but the trend is also catching on here in North America.

There’s something about the mindset of a trained industrial designer. They have a flair for developing a form that is both functional and attractive. The Italians have always excelled in this field and I think design is ingrained in their culture.

Rotomolding often plays a role with many of these new successful designs. Unfortunately, design schools tend to focus on other processes in the training curriculum and usually only skim over rotational molding. I believe that, if we want to really have breakthroughs with design, we must introduce young designers to our industry. If you have a design school nearby, offer to give a tour of your facility. Remember to also have many samples of your proud work to give them a better understanding of what’s possible. Think of these efforts as an investment in our future! Together I think we can make a difference and see the market grow! I’m interested in what others feel on this subject.

Bill Spenceley is the President of Flexahopper Plastics and the current President of the Association of Rotational Molders.

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2 responses to “Design will drive rotomolding growth”

  1. Great post, Bill, and I agree with your comments relative to design. As an industry, we’ll know we’ve made progress when industrial designers and design engineers look first to rotational molding when embarking on a new product development project. Let’s all take it upon ourselves to be ambassadors of the rotational molding process.

  2. Hi Bill, must agree with you. Great article.
    As you know we are pushing this for years in ARMSA and run a very successful student design award. Hopefully we will one day have designers thinking Roto Moulding as Tom suggests.
    Lets all keep working at it!

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