ARM’s 2022 Awards

ARM presented the following awards on November 8 at the Annual Meeting:

  • The following companies were recognized for Excellence in Member Recruitment:
    Claerbout Consulting
    M. Holland
    Saxman Solutions
  • The Charles D. Frederick Distinguished Service Award was presented to Bob Mueller of Norstar Aluminum Molds
  • Student Design Awards were given to Abolfazi Ghaderi of Purdue University, Owen Jelinek of University Wisconsin Stout, and Reed Sell of Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design.
  • Safety Awards were presented to Flexahopper Plastics and Formed Plastics
  • Product Competition Awards were presented to:
    Tango Manufacturing for the Halltech Hornet in the Conversion Category

    Centro Inc. for the Spartan in the Innovative/State of the Art Category

    RotoDynamics for the Fish Farm Stanchion in the Large Product Category

    Cordova Outdoors for the Basecamp Class Obsidian Recycled Cooler in the Recycled Product Category

    Product of the Year went to Tango Manufacturing for the Halltech Hornet
  • Ron Cooke, Nick Henwood, and Ron Joannou were inducted into the Rotational Molding Hall of Fame.

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