Rotoplas status

The state of Illinois is reopening and the prospects for holding Rotoplas have improved. ARM will make an official announcement about the meeting in June.

Recently we surveyed a group of rotomolders and asked them to  give us their best estimate of how many people their company would send to the meeting at the end of September. 

The median number of attendees per rotomolder company remains the same as in 2017. The typical rotomolder company estimates they will send 4 people to the show. Only one of the 20 companies that responded indicated they expected not to send anyone. A few companies indicated they would send more people than in 2017. Based on everyone’s best estimate for what they will do more than four months from now and how we interpret the data, the number of decision makers at the meeting should remain about the same as in 2017.

While the average number of rotomolders per company decreases 23% according to the survey, the biggest decreases are in companies that sent 10+ in 2017 and in some companies outside the United States. The median number of attendees per roto company outside the U.S. only dropped from 3 to 2, which is better than we expected.

We are excited to see the situation improving and hope to see everyone September 20-23. We will make an official decision and announcement in June.

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