2020 Online Exhibit Hall

ARM created a unique plan for the trade show portion of our 2020 Online Annual Meeting. Meeting online allows us to increase the amount of time attendees can engage with exhibitors and reach people who don’t typically travel to the meeting.

During the Online Annual Meeting (the week of September 21), exhibitors will take part in private Zoom meetings with rotomolders/attendees. ARM staff will schedule and organize all of these meetings across 3 – 5 afternoons that week. Beginning in August, we’ll find out which exhibitors and rotomolders are interested in meeting with each other.

The week of September 7 we’ll issue every company a schedule for their afternoon Zoom calls, including individual links for each meeting.

We will also host videos/recorded webinars for all exhibitors on the 2020 Online Meeting website. These videos will be published on our site the week of August 24. Each exhibitor will be invited to share one 10-minute video per 100 sqare foot booked for Rotoplas 2021 plus one additional video for sponsors. 

We don’t expect exhibitors with 400+ square feet to necessarily fill all of their allotted time. It might make sense for your company to create one overview video plus a few short videos highlighting different products. In your overview video you might recommend viewers watch an in-depth video. (“If you want to learn more about PRODUCT XYZ watch the in-depth video below.”) 

We will publish individual webpages for each exhibitor featuring your videos and your contact information.

Exhibitors can provide us with videos they’ve created or record with ARM staff. If you recorded a webinar with us in May, we can use that as your video. If you would like to record with staff, we’ve made 97 (!) recording times available and we’ve emailed you a link to select your recording time. Contact staff if you would like us to send that link again.

This is new for all of us. We welcome your input and questions, which will help us with a FAQ for exhibitors and attendees.

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