President’s Message: ARM is Engaging Members in New Ways

Rick Carlsen

For the rest of the messages I write this year, I will continue to record some numbers that are affecting my thinking, just like I did when I wrote my last message on 3/21/20.  

Today is 05/11/20 (happy belated Mother’s Day to all the moms!).  The US has 1,334,951 confirmed COVID-19 cases (up from 6,519 on 3/21).  There have been 4,142,97 cases worldwide (up from 204,000), and the DJIA is at 24,333 (up from 20,315).  Schools, restaurants, bars, and other “non-essential” businesses remain closed.  For all intents and purposes, face masks are mandatory while injecting disinfectants into patients seems like a prudent medical strategy.

In the last 50 days, ARM enacted its plan to engage with its members in a different way.  ARM has more frequent emails going out to membership with updates on topics ranging from PPE (personal protection equipment) to the PPP (Payroll Protection Program).  Webinars are occurring more frequently with many more planned.  ARM is working hard to engage in a social distancing environment.

Membership feedback has been crucial during this time.  We are getting suggestions from members about what type of information they need to navigate the storm.  As quickly as possible, we are acting on suggestions and putting reliable content in front of members.  This model seems to be working.

We continue to value and act on the feedback received, so please keep it coming.

Based on travel restrictions and social distancing guidelines, ARM is modifying the format of the Summer Regional Meetings this year.  Rather than hosting three to four meetings around the US this year, ARM is going to host an online Regional Meeting.  While we are giving up the face to face meetings that membership finds so valuable, we are moving to a format where more participants can view and access presentations and information.  I am hopeful that this format proves to be as effective as other regional meetings.

The details for the event will be communicated and promoted when the details and logistics are finalized.

Finally, I want to remind you that ARM’s knowledge library is accessible to our members.  The knowledge library has information on almost any topic that applies to your business.  This is a great resource to help train and educate your employees. 

Thank you for your continued support of ARM!


Rick Carlsen
Solar Plastics, LLC
ARM President

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