President’s Message: ARM’s approach, offerings, and goals remain steadfast


ARM President Rick Carlsen

In an attempt to understand how long New Year’s Resolutions last, a social networking firm called Strava analyzed over 30 million fitness records from its users.  The results show that most New Year’s Resolutions start to derail on the second Friday in January. This year, most people’s resolutions lasted just 10 days.


A reason for short-lived resolutions is that many of them are viewed as temporary, thus, expendable.  To make sustainable changes, experts advise that you should make small additions to your routine that don’t result in a perceived hardship.

I am happy to report that ARM made 0 New Year’s Resolutions this year. 

Our approach, offerings, and goals remain steadfast. As always, the Board and Staff are looking to make incremental changes that improve the value that ARM offers its members.  Some of these changes include:

  • New Technical Committee – Based on member feedback, ARM added a Technical Committee.  With Dr. Nick Henwood, ARM’s Technical Advisor, chairing the committee, we are very excited to see the outputs from this group.  The Technical Committee will work in conjunction with, and support of the Education Committee. As a general principle, the Technical Committee will examine issues and projects that require the investigation of unknowns, where the Education Committee is focused on projects that it can directly tie to the education of our members.
  • Spring Executive Forum – March, Italy – We’re heading to Europe to see rotomolding through a different lens.  Attendees will tour multiple roto facilities to get a firsthand look at the differences between Italian and North American processes and markets.  This is a great opportunity to build relationships while seeing different ways at approach common issues and opportunities.
  • Fall Annual Meeting / Rotoplas – September, Chicago – It’s hard to believe that our triennial show is already here again. As of January, more than 45 companies have booked exposition booths for the meeting which will be held September 21-24. Our last Rotoplas was attended by a record-breaking 1,100 people from 43 countries. We are working hard to grow the show this year.

Finally, ARM has made numerous sustainable, incremental changes over the past 10-15 years that have been transformative.  The organization is nearly unrecognizable from when I first joined the Board in late 2006. I would like to thank all the Board, Committee, and Staff members that have worked to make the organization what it is today.

Rick Carlsen
Solar Plastics, LLC
ARM President

3 responses to “President’s Message: ARM’s approach, offerings, and goals remain steadfast”

  1. Love the message Rick. ARM is in GREAT hands

  2. Rick,

    I share your thoughts regarding the value ARM brings to the market and the incremental improvements over the years. As an example, we’ve been able to recruit several new members with the expanded educational offering alone!

  3. keep up the good work and direction for ARM;it is working!!

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