Stop Warping! ARM Regional Meeting in Minneapolis

What is warping and why does it occur? How do pigment applications affect warp? How can rotomolders use external means to prevent warping? We’ll address these questions and more at our How to Stop Warping! regional meetings on June 18 in Minneapolis, MN.

Here is what molders at those meetings told us:

  • “This was my first meeting and I honestly did not know what to expect. I was really impressed with everyone’s presentation and stories of struggle that we all have and suggestions on how to fix them. Thank you for having me, I would love to attend another.”
  • “I was a little concerned going in that the single topic would become redundant. However, the different POV’s from the industry made the first half of the event very interesting and applicable.”
  • “Great topic. Good job from all of the speakers. Very well planned.”

Our topics in Minneapolis will include:

  • Case studies on warp
  • Mold release application
  • How pigment affects warp
  • Preventing Warpage from the Machinery POV
  • and more

When the meeting ends at 3 PM, we’ll take a tour of Able Brewery and Seedhouse.

Speakers include:

  • Mike Haubert, Mosaic Colors
  • Rick Calrsen, Solar Plastics
  • Daven Claerbout, Dutchland Plastics
  • Ron Cooke, ExxonMobil Chemical Company
  • Adam Covington, Ferry Industries
  • Larry Whittemore, Stoner Solutions

If your company sends more than three people, you can take 25% off using the promo code warpzone

Sign up the meeting here.

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