President’s Message: Serving Our Members

Dru Laws

As I enter my final year as ARM’s President, I’m excited to continue to the shape the future of the Association and rotomolding. We had an amazing 2018 with the implementation of the Operator Training Program, a successful meeting in Montreal, and great technical value for members including the much anticipated Resin Guide.

2019 Goals

  • Grow Membership
  • Get Involved
  • Improve Technical Content

ARM prides itself as an association that is welcoming to new members and new ideas. We hope to continue to grow membership in 2019 to increase value for current members and grow the rotomolding industry as a whole. If you know a company that would be a good fit for ARM, contact our staff at

I hope that you will consider joining a committee this year. Committees are open to all members and require little commitment but return a great investment on your time.  If a committee isn’t your cup of lemonade, join us on a Hot Topics in HR call, troubleshooting calls, or a webinar. These are all free for members and provide value without having to leave your office. From the networking opportunities to the ability to shape the industry, I think you will enjoy getting involved with ARM in 2019.

We are happy to again have Dr. Nick Henwood as the Technical Director for ARM in 2019. Dr. Henwood provides blog posts, input on webinars, and reviews all materials for meetings. ARM is dedicated to improving technical content and continuing to be your go to source for knowledge about rotomolding. This year’s webinar series will focus on finishing training.

We are planning to update the Resin Guide and hold three regional meetings focused on How to Stop Warpage. This year’s Annual Meeting in Houston is being organized now but we know it will offer a valuable program for rotomolders at all levels and Spanish translation.

The Roy Crawford Education and Development Foundation will offer a scholarship for graduating seniors. Details are available here.

ARM exists to serve our members and we want you to feel that value.  Please consider recommending a new member, getting involved with a committee or call, and taking part in our technical programs. I’m excited for the year ahead and to make my last year as President one for the record books!

Dru Laws is the President of ARM and the Senior Vice President of Seljan Company in Lake Mills, Wisconsin.

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