Connect with Exhibitors in Montreal


We asked our Montreal Annual Meeting exhibitors to describe how they supply or support the rotomolding industry and the contact person in Montreal. We encourage you to contact them to set up a time to meet during or after the show.

4Roto, LLC
Sandy Scaccia
RMPP141 Rotomolding grade polypropylene.

A. Schulman, a LyondellBasell Company
Bruce Cox
One of the largest plastics, chemicals and refining companies worldwide.

Al-Cast Mold & Pattern Inc
Tom Haglund
Cast and CNC machined molds, Mold design, CNC machined patterns and models.

Tom Innis
Design consultation & tool-building solutions for rotomolders worldwide.

AXEL Plastics
Scott Waterman
External & Internal Mold Release Agents + Mold Strippers and Cleaners.

Brian Steenbeke

Custom Plastics
Chris Hughes
Injection molded spinweld fittings, patches-sensors-caps-threaded-custom.

Diversified Mold & Castings
Tony Short
Rotomolding tooling supplier including cast, CNC, fab, and rework molds .

Dow Chemical Company
Corey Newsom
Providing the rotomolding industry with PE resins and expertise.

Entec Polymers
Pat Gallo
PE pellets, powder, color and specialty compounds for rotomolders.

ExxonMobil Chemical
Kevin Jamieson
A leading supplier of polyethylene resin to the rotomolding industry

Ferry Industries, Inc.
Ann Rowland
Manufactures Carousel, Shuttle & Rocking Oven rotomolding machines.

Foam Supplies
Ann Roche

Zachary Utz
Two component polyurethane foam and dispensing solutions

Jerico Plastic Industries
Steve Copeland
Custom PE compounds for specialty rotational molding applications.

Jeremy Joseph
LyondellBasell is one of the largest plastics and refining companies in the world.

M. Holland Company
Steve Emminger
A business partner and stocking distributor for Nova Roto Products. 

McCann Plastics
Jay Reed

Evan Silo
Release agents designed to give you greater control of your process.

Mosaic Roto Division of Mosaic Color & Additives
Steve “Ski” Andrzejewski
Standard-Custom Precolor Roto Resins, Dry Powder Color & Foam Adhesion.

George Winter
Resin Distributor – ExxonMobil Polyethylene, Custom colored compounds.

Nexeo Solutions
Brooke Elizondo
We connect you with high-quality material for rotomolding processes.

Norstar Aluminum Molds, Inc
Bob Mueller
Cast, CNC Machined & Fabricated Aluminum tooling, Rotomolding supplies.

NOVA Chemicals Inc
Doug Biela
A complete range of polyethylene rotational molding resins.

Orenda Automation
Mario Sisca

Paladin Sales
Terry Gillian
Auxiliary Equipment – EZ Logger, RotoLoad, Graphics, Mold Jacks, Repro

Sergio Zilioli
From product engineering to molds manufacturing & testing

Glenn Iken
Wide range of high quality Rotomolding Compounds and new developments.

Jim Hummel
World class pulverizing systems. Disk sharpening services, mixers, silos.

Precision Products Enterprises
Rafay Hasan

Rotaloc International, LLC
Steve Harris
Inserts, Tank & Bulkhead Fittings, Pins, Brackets, Custom Components!

Roteco Mold
Yves Gervais
Rotational mold manufacturer & designer.

Rotocast Technologies, Inc.
Louis Finucane
Aluminum and CNC molds, mold repair, frames, spiders, and more.

Jose Gomez

Shanghai Young Mould Company
Richard Zhu

Sari-Beth Samuels
Delivering Advanced Stabilization Solutions for Rotomolding.

Stoner, Inc.
Larry Whittemore
Mold Release, Flow Enhancer, Mold Cleaner, & Parting Line protectant

Michel Truax
Our company manufactures state-of-the-art rotational molding equipment.

Wenling Rising Sun Rotomoulding
Christie Qiu

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