What Executive Forum attendees are bringing back to the shop…

Members, spouses, speakers, and children take part in the Kennedy Space Center tour.

Last week, ARM conducted our 10th Executive Forum. It was our best-attended Executive Forum yet.

We asked our attendees what they were going to take back from the meeting. Here’s some of what they listed:

  • The information provided by Jennifer McNelly will help change our recruitment methods and I believe will be more effective.
  • We will assess the needs of employees and what drives them. Implement strategies and actions from that.
  • How to better relate to today’s workforce and train front line mangers on its importance.
  • Be constantly aware of the next generation. Some of the things they do and how they think will be better than our way of doing things and will become our best practices.
  • Efficiency metrics and alternative staffing methods.
  • Automation of bringing powder to the mold in a custom volume application.
  • Benefits of hiring disabled/special needs employees.
  • Interesting ideas on incentive pay structures.

“Great meetings and a must attend for top management to share information.”
-Mario Poma of Rotational Molding Inc.

“It really was a great meeting for us, great contacts, great conversation and networking. Some REAL business potential coming out of it!”
-Rob Miller of Wittman Canada


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