ARM Listing of Resin Properties: Forms and Instructions

The ARM Education Committee plans to publish the next edition of the  ARM Listing of Resin Properties this April – the publication will be available on the ARM website with updated versions to be published every six months if new data is available.  Our molder members tell us that they view this publication as a valuable information resource, which they frequently use to make choices of suitable roto materials.

ARM supplier members are invited to contribute their resin data to the publication by March 2.

The listing comprises a series of tables, where the properties of different suppliers’ grades can be compared.  Data is provided by suppliers, but test methods and specimen preparation protocols are standardized, to provide apples-to-apples comparison.

Use these forms to enter your data:

When you complete the form, a copy of your submission will be emailed to you. Complete the form for as many resins as you would like to list. If you need to change the data you entered, complete the form again and contact staff to let us the know the date and time of the form that should be deleted.

If you wish to list any specialty materials (e.g. foams, flame retardants, conductives, rotolining, etc.), please contact ARM Technical Director Nick Henwood as soon as possible.

Deadline for submission of data is Friday March 2.  The Resin Properties Listing will be formally launched on Tuesday April 3.  Hopefully this provides plenty of time for you to generate and submit your data. For those who miss the deadline, we will publish a revision in May, with updates to follow approximately every six months.

As in the past, suppliers must ensure, with the exception of the melt index, density and ESCR, that all of the technical data in the listing has been obtained solely from rotationally molded specimens and that the data for each resin, with the exception of the low temperature impact data, have been obtained from only one sample per resin. ESCR has been obtained from compression-molded specimens molded under the conditions specified in those procedures. The current version of the ARM Low Temperature Impact test method is version 4.0 (July 2003), available here.

Supplier Members of the Association of Rotational Molders may publish their data in the Resin Properties Listing at no charge; this is a Member Benefit.  Suppliers who are members of other associations affiliated to ARMO (the Alliance of Rotomoulding Organisations) may publish their data for a fee of $1000, payable prior to publication.  Alternatively, you can join ARM.

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