Face the facts: You can’t miss Rotoplas

Conchita Miranda

After more than forty years, rotational molding is still not as well-known of a process compared to other manufacturing processes. As a result of this, when we try to make a change to our process we find that it can be difficult because there is less information widely available. These changes can end up being difficult, slow, and costly.

I believe that there is one thing – more than anything else – that gives us what we need to make these changes and improve our process: face-to-face meetings. When I think back on the Rotoplas shows I have attended, there has been a lot of value for me and my company from what we have learned by having personal meetings with our suppliers other molders.

The opportunity to meet many of your suppliers (and for suppliers to meet many of their customers) under one roof saves hundreds of travel hours and tens of thousands of travel dollars. Attending Rotoplas is the most efficient and effective way for our industry to do business.

Each of these meetings helps us make changes to our process, reduce scrap, and improve employee efficiency. Every single meeting can lead to great reductions in expense or growth in sales.

You can learn more about Rotoplas by visiting www.rotoplas.org. Registration will be open next week.  You will find that there are more opportunities to learn from rotomolders like Centro, Seljan Company,  and more during general sessions. There are industry experts speaking from North America and all around the world quality and design, content for experienced managers and newcomers to rotomolding.

Make your plans now to attend Rotoplas. No one in the rotomolding industry can afford to wait for 2020. I know the great value of attending Rotoplas and I believe that you cannot let it pass you by.

Conchita Miranda is the President of ARM and the Director General of Operadora MPK.

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