Jim Braeunig Announces Retirement

Jim Braeunig

ARM Past President Jim Braeunig has announced his retirement as CEO and President of Hedstrom Corporation. We congratulate Jim and thank him for his years of service on behalf of our industry.

Jim shared this note:

This announcement comes with much emotion and gratitude as I announce my retirement which takes effect February 21, 2017. I joined Hedstrom on February 8, 1982, and after 35 years of service I leave knowing that I have done the very best I could through all of the company changes, including two bankruptcies, equity firm buy-outs, the formation of a Joint Venture, four BBS acquisitions and market disruptions to name just a few.

I feel it’s time for new leadership to guide Hedstrom through these turbulent times which include the shift from brick and mortar to online shopping, changing tastes and buying preferences of consumers, a shift away from licensed products and the continual pressure for innovation but lower retail prices.

I hope the mentoring and guidance I have provided to Hedstrom employees will be very beneficial for all in the future.  Please recognize that I have always had the best interests of the business in mind while being a strong advocate for what I consider to be a very talented and capable organization. I enjoyed working with and appreciate having known all of the people I have encountered throughout my career

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