Growing Our Network and Providing Value Online

Conchita Miranda

It is impossible to ignore the fact that communication is not what it used to be. We all remember the times when reaching someone from another city, let alone another country, would take at least one week, and now you can reach them within seconds and update them on your day-to-day.

Nowadays, social media has been proved to be one of the most efficient ways to communicate and this Association has made a commitment to increase its presence online, making it easier for people to reach us at any time. By increasing our presence on social media, we are also looking to improve the frequency and quality of the content shared.

On this ARM Blog you will find articles from me and other members of our industry highlighting the goals of the Association and issues of interest to all rotomolders. ARM staff also posts timely messages about upcoming programs, committee meetings, and news from the world of rotomolding. On average the blog features five new posts every month. You can subscribe to the blog by clicking on “Follow” in the lower right corner.

Just to mention some of our efforts and achievements, we are proud to say that ARM’s LinkedIn Group has more than 1,300 members from the worldwide rotomolding industry and features news from ARM staff, technical and process questions from members, and occasional job listings. Also, ARM’s Facebook page used to be focused on our triennial trade show, Rotoplas, but now provides news on our upcoming events and other important information for rotational molders. Links to all of these pages are available on our website

I encourage you to follow us on our pages since I am sure you’ll find something of interest between all our updates! And don’t hesitate on updating us with your comments because that will help us to keep working ARM’s network.

Conchita Miranda is the President of ARM and the Director General of Operadora MPK.

The ARM Blog is written by a variety of leaders in the rotational molding industry. We encourage you to share your input in the comment section. If you’re interested in writing a post for the blog, email ARM staff at

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