The Seven Stages of Rotomolding

Gareth McDowell, 493K Limited

We often hear how the rotomoulding process is made up of a number of discrete events. I broke them down into seven, though I’m sure looking through the microscope you could find more.

  1. Powder heating
  2. Powder laying down (melting)
  3. Consolidation
  4. Melt cooling
  5. Solidification
  6. Releasing from the mould
  7. Post release cooling

If we look closer though we find that these stages are not really discrete with clear start and end points. Read more in ARMO’s Rotomoulder magazine.

ARM is a member of ARMO, the global Affiliation of Rotomolding Organizations.

Gareth McDowell established 493K Limited to develop, and manufacture, data acquisition and control systems. These systems will improve quality and process efficiency, for the heating and cooling stages of rotational moulding. Advancing a body of research and development work, which started over ten years ago, he is currently marketing K-KONTROL and K-PAQ, a diagnostic mould temperature and pressure measurement system for 493K.

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