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Conchita Miranda

The ARM Executive Forum in Las Vegas was a great a networking opportunity and once again the Forum included some of the greatest ARM presentations of the last years.


About ten years ago, ARM stopped conducting our Spring Meeting, which had been  like a second convention. In 2009, the Association held its first Executive Forum, a small networking event for the leaders of rotomolding companies and their suppliers. The meeting started out very small (smaller than we’d hoped) but it has grown since then. It has also grown in quality, receiving excellent praise from attendees, and it has become consistently the best evaluated meeting that ARM conducts.

Meetings have always been one of the most important benefits for our membership.  Having the opportunity to be updated in new technical aspects and to receive education on our process, while we have the time to network with a lot of friends who deal everyday with the same problems as us and are always willing to help, is invaluable.

Suppliers who attend similar meetings for many different industries tell us that rotomolders share openly with each other more than any other group. So it is because of you, all of our members, that ARM meetings are so extraordinarily successful.


ARM staff and volunteers are currently planning this year’s ARM regional meetings for the summer. These meetings are organized to be very affordable and valuable to rotomolding staff at all levels. They are a great opportunity to provide employees who don’t typically get to attend the ARM Annual Meeting with networking and education.

They provide insight into what we’re doing on the shop floor, what rotomolding can do, and how working together can improve our process.  The California meeting will take place June 14 in Buena Park, CA and the Toronto meeting is tentatively planned for July 11. More information will be available here:


Coming in just a few months is our 40th Anniversary Meeting in New Orleans. We are planning for this to be the greatest ARM meeting, from education to parties, in many years. This will be OUR great celebration.  And as it is OUR celebration, we need all of you to be involved and collaborate by sending photos from ARM events over the years to Check out these photos and get back in touch with old friends on the ARM Reunion Facebook page at Help us encourage old friends to join us as well.

ARM is all of us and just as it is because of your sharing that makes our meetings so sucessful, you are also so important in making the 40th Anniversary meeting, September 24-27 in New Orleans, the greatest ARM celebration ever.

Conchita Miranda
ARM President

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