Objectives for a Great 40th Year!


Conchita Miranda

I am very pleased to begin my term as President of ARM at a time when we are growing membership and have a very participative Board.

After numerous discussions with the Board and ARM members over the last couple of years, I have decided to focus on three main objectives to increase value for our membership during my term as President:

  • Select a Technical Director for ARM.
  • Increase and update our social media presence and web image.
  • Make the 40th Anniversary Meeting an excellent and very memorable event.

Of course I am open to any additions or modifications to these objectives from our members.

I look forward to seeing our members at the Executive Forum in Las Vegas February 28-March 1. It will be a great opportunity for us share our ideas about ARM as well as learn how to make the most of our businesses.

Along with the Forums and Programs Committee, I wanted to add a special event to the Forum that would take advantage of our beautiful venue. There is an optional “Trekker Tour” of the Red Rock Mountains on Sunday afternoon before the opening reception. I hope you will consider coming to Las Vegas a little early for that event.

Before we know it, our 40th Anniversary celebration at our Annual Meeting in New Orleans will be here. Staff and committees are already hard at work to make it a great event. We also have a task force that will locate and invite retirees from our industry to join us in New Orleans. Please plan to be a part of this celebration, which we will talk about for years to come.

Let’s have a Great New Year!

Hasta la vista!

Conchita Miranda is Director General of Operadora MPK.

The ARM Blog is written by a variety of leaders in the rotational molding industry. We encourage you to share your input in the comment section. If you’re interested in writing a post for the blog, email ARM staff at info@rotomolding.org.


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