New On-Demand Webinars

Conceptual keyboard - Training (green key)ARM has recently added two new webinars to our members’-only on-demand training archive. Our training archive is a key benefit of membership in the Association.

Burner Maintenance by Adam Covington of Ferry Industries reviews in-depth why burner maintenance is important, recommends some best practices as to how it should be done, and reviews the tools necessary for the job.

Finite Element Analysis: The Basics by Michael Paloian of Integrated Design Systems reviews the fundamentals and principles of FEA, the basic steps, multiple case studies and much more.

Members can watch these new webinars on-demand along with 16 more at

ARM thanks Adam Covington, Michael Paloian, and all of our webinar presenters over the years for sharing their knowledge with ARM members.

Additional webinars include:

  • Rebranding Your Business (A Case Study)
  • How a Rotomolder Uses Infrared Thermography in their Process
  • Determining Your True Cost
  • What’s Your Problem (Multiple sessions)
  • Roto 101
  • In-Process Rotational Foam Molding
  • Safety in Rotomolding & OSHA Compliance
  • Rotational Molding & the Evolving Structural Part Processing Business
  • Mold Release
  • Turning a 4% Bottom Line into a 10% Bottom Line
  • Save Energy & Save Money
  • Assessing Your Environmental & Regulatory Compliance Footprint
  • Test Method for Flowability (Dry Flow Rate) of Polyethylene Powders Using a Specified Funnel
  • Polyethylene Industry Overview

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