Video: Dangers of Combustible Dust


Adam Webb

I share the video below with someone in the rotomolding industry at least every two months. It has proved to be very memorable for anyone who has seen it — either a molder contacts us because they’ve heard about it, a supplier wants their customer to see it, or there’s a general question about the dangers related to dust accumulation — and so it gets forwarded on again and again. Most recently, Phillipe Goreaud, our colleague at Association Francophone Rotomoulage, mentioned that concerns about combustible dust hazards have increased in France.

The video from the US Chemical Safety Board shows how accumulations of combustible dust can fuel devastating explosions.  Jon Ratzlaff of Chevron Phillips Chemical Company first shared this video with ARM at our 2010 Annual Meeting in Montreal.

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Adam Webb is the Executive Director of ARM.

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