What’s New with ARM?

Adam Webb
Adam Webb

The Board, Committees, and Staff of the Association of Rotational Molders are constantly working to provide excellent resources and benefits to our members. As a result, ARM now has more North American rotomolder members than it has in years.

As part of these efforts, new benefits and programs are constantly being considered and implemented. Some work and some get phased out. Below are a few of the initiatives introduced since 2013 that are providing great benefits to ARM members.

On-Demand Webinars: Members can view more than a dozen ARM webinars on demand. This is truly a great resource of information. Below are the webinars that are currently available on the ARM website. Most are presented by rotomolders or by suppliers and consultants thoroughly familiar with the rotomolding process.

  • How a Rotomolder Uses Infrared Thermography in their Process
  • Determining Your True Cost
  • What’s Your Problem (Multiple sessions)
  • Roto 101
  • In-Process Rotational Foam Molding
  • Safety in Rotomolding & OSHA Compliance
  • Rotational Molding & the Evolving Structural Part Processing Business
  • Mold Release
  • Turning a 4% Bottom Line into a 10% Bottom Line
  • Save Energy & Save Money
  • Assessing Your Environmental & Regulatory Compliance Footprint
  • Test Method for Flowability (Dry Flow Rate) of Polyethylene Powders Using a Specified Funnel
  • Polyethylene Industry Overview

Tours: We have added tours to our meetings whenever we’ve found great sites to visit. We’ve toured rotomolders to learn specifically about rotomolding, non-plastics manufacturers to learn about lean, and internet retailers to learn about company culture. This summer two ARM regional meetings will incorporate tours of Brunk and LyondellBasell into the topic of their meeting.

Troubleshooting Teleconference: This year our Future Leaders group wanted to find a way to reach more molders. We’ve turned the beginning of every Future Leaders committee call into a teleconference open to all members to discuss questions they have regarding their process. The calls are promoted via our e-newsletter and every single member is encouraged to join — whether they’re working to solve a manufacturing problem or just listening in.

Roto Made Local: Last year ARM began working with SPE on our Roto Made Local initiative, a website and marketing campaign that promotes rotomolding as a local manufacturing process. In 2014 we took this message to industrial designers at the IDSA show.

Hands-On Seminar: Pennsylvania College of Technology has a great hands-on rotational molding seminar led by Paul Nugent. Since 2013 ARM has partnered with PCT to provide significant discounted registrations to our members and to bring this excellent program to more rotational molders. We have also provided scholarships for the program through our Rotomolding Education and Development Foundation.

Blog:  We are quite proud of this blog, which we added to our website two years ago. It has been a great way to bring a variety of voices from our industry to the rotomolding community.

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  1. Adam: thanks for providing a detailed account of the new ARM initiatives which provide myriad opportunities for continuous improvement and forward progress.

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