A Cure for the Fragmented Rotomolding Meeting Blues

Jim Hummel
Jim Hummel

I have been reflecting on my 24 years in the rotational molding industry and how much I have accomplished as a husband, a father, a business owner, a mentor, a teacher, a professional, or just a friend.

I so well remember when I became introduced to rotational molding how interested I became and really stepped into it with both feet, not having a clue to the process, materials, equipment and what all this was all about. I was so amazed with the processing equipment and I wanted more.

When becoming involved in ARM, it was just unbelievable the amount of people from companies all over the world that gathered together. The knowledge, friendships, conversations that were established by this amazing network of professionals gathering in one place, to network, learn and to build their friendships and social networking with others in the industry.

It seems that this has been lost, to bring the industry together in one place a couple times a year to rekindle those relationships with rotational molding industry–people from the shop floor to CEOs–to spark new ideas and expand the endless possibilities that rotational molding has to offer. Now it seems there are small groups formed in countries throughout the world and meetings with all of these groups are held regionally. Perhaps we are losing the strength, knowledge, and wisdom that once gathered together as one. We can become more closely knit once again to bring the spark and excitement that this rotational molding industry has to offer, get to know each other again as we once did.

This year ARM will hold Rotoplas in Chicago, where our global industry will gather for a significant event where all rotomolders, suppliers, consultants, and designers will bring their products, resins, molds, machinery, and professional services to share with the industry as one. I look forward to becoming one again, rebuilding those relationships, sharing a moment with one another, and taking the rotomolding’s next steps together, As one.

Jim Hummel is the President and Owner of Powder King LLC.

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One response to “A Cure for the Fragmented Rotomolding Meeting Blues”

  1. jim;
    good observation on the fragmentation of the industry with regional sub associations.
    we look for the Rotoplas to bring all molders together, and hopefully many of our international friends will also take the Rototour, as Bill Spencely is planning now for a very sucessful , informative sampling of midwest molders!
    i believe it also is a good opportunity to remind members to bring their significant other with them, enhances the overall experience and Chicago is a great town to spend a few days exploring.

    take care my friend
    david Smith

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