The Best Tip for Workplace Efficiency

Bob Dunne

When I left school and started my first “real job” as they say, I was fortunate enough to work for an accounting firm that emphasized training, training and more training for employees at all levels of the organization. The training was not only focused on the accounting rules or tax laws that were required to perform accounting and tax preparation functions but also on work habits and work efficiency.

I attended a class put on by a workplace effectiveness and efficiency expert, and normally with this type of class there are so many tips and takeaways that it is hard to prioritize and implement them in one’s daily work routine. This presentation was different. The presenter started and ended the presentation with the line “If you take away anything from this seminar, it is the directive to do the hardest thing first thing in the morning when you arrive.” He further outlined the specifics of the theory as simply as follows:

When you come in the morning individuals are usually the freshest and have the best attitude of the day and show the greatest concentration levels (and are the least disheveled for what that’s worth). Performing the hardest task under these conditions almost always yields the best results.

I have always tried to apply this technique to rotomolding administration. When I arrive at work and flip the lights on (assuming I remembered to turn them out when I was burnt out and leaving the day before), I always perform the hardest tasks first. Whether it is to prepare a complex quotation, call the toughest customer to work on a problem or deal with a tenacious employee problem I always tackle the hardest tasks first and leave the rest of the day to puny problems!

I would like to hear from other rotational molders. Have you ever tried this technique? Do you have a better one? What do you consider to be your hardest task?

And by the way, I already claim my hardest task to be passing on resin increases. After all it is my blog!

When I have gathered your responses I will assemble and present them for the benefit of all.

Bob Dunne is the President of Meese Orbitron Dunne and a member of the ARM Board of Directors.

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3 responses to “The Best Tip for Workplace Efficiency”

  1. Another good insight Bob. Thanks for taking the time to share.

  2. bob; a verry good way to start the day, I tend to arrive and immediately find 4-40 things wanting my attention, so to remember (at my age not a given) what I wanted to concentrate on the previous night, I put the paperwork for the important to do task on the keyboard, first thing I see .
    if possible and the task warrents, get in before the crowd, amazing what a quiet uninterrupted office will do for output.
    really good blog!

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