Boot Camp

Corey Claussen
Corey Claussen

Over the course of this long winter, I have been skating five or six times a week while coaching hockey and I’ve been going to the gym at various times to work out. Using the scale as the indicator of my progress, I thought I was really working out. No such luck.

A friend mentioned boot camp to me. They met twice a week at 5 AM for workout comprised of thirty seconds of activity followed by a thirty second break. This lasted an hour. I thought it was no big deal. I was wrong, terribly wrong.

Twenty minutes into the first day brought shortness of breath and dizziness. Then nausea. Stumbling out of my first boot camp, I was thinking, “I really thought I had been working out this winter!” I was so sore…couldn’t move for a week.

I started to think about work and about our scrap rate. We talk about key issues and ways to resolve scrap. It improves a little over time but then reverts back to higher rates If we are going to be serious about improving something, we need more than to just think we’re doing a good job, like I was thinking that I had been working out before boot camp.

If we really want to improve our bodies, if we want to attempt to truly make something better, it takes more than lip service. It requires true hard work and true dedication and a passion to improve. Skating 5 times a week doesn’t necessarily count as a work out and one-time fixes at the shop don’t count as continuous improvement.

I’m taking a lesson from my humble experience of boot camp by becoming full committed to the stakes at hand – in the gym and in the shop.

Corey Claussen is the Vice President of Custom Roto-Mold, Inc. and the Vice President of ARM.

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