The Secret Handshake

Sandy Scaccia
Sandy Scaccia

Is ARM a “good old boys club”? A clique of a few molders? I have heard these comments over the years and, from my experience, nothing could be further from the truth. Networking is at its most powerful in our organization and has proven its value time and time again. New attendees come to meetings with issues or problems to discuss and with just a few conversations, get insights and answers which more than pay for the trip. That having been said, I can see how some may get that impression. Take the following for example.

About a year ago I was asked to head up the newly formed Promotions Committee which was a result of a reorganization and reduction in the number of past committees. Looking over the purpose and the mission I was quite excited about what could be done to help move our association and industry forward. The call for members went out, and not so surprising to me, the same people responded that keep stepping up and contributing to our success. It is this repeated effort on the part of individuals that makes it appear that ARM is a good old boys organization. The door is open. We need new and fresh ideas. We want input from everyone, not just the same players year after year (although they are quite good).

So, I am sending out an appeal. Attention: all molders that are committed to our industry and want to make a difference. We want you! Join a committee. Make a difference. All it takes is a call to the ARM office at 630-942-6589. As a committee chair I would be extremely happy to have you on our team — the Promotion Committee is focused on adding new benefits to membership — and I know the other chairs feel the same. I am sure you will be surprised how very easy it is to break into this “old boys club”.

Sandy Scaccia is the owner of Norstar Aluminum Molds and the current Chairman of the ARM Promotion Committee.

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