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Bob Dunne

I know my friends and colleagues are tired of the flying metaphors but I can’t help it because the ARM Rotomolding Education and Development Foundation is taxiing for takeoff and I am excited!

The sky is normally the limit, but like any foundation the purposes must be outlined in the incorporation documents and followed for the life of the foundation unless thereinafter modified.

The original purposes outlined in the foundations  501(c)3 application were as follows:

  • Sponsoring work to improve the plastics curriculum in vocational, trade schools and colleges
  • Publishing and or funding educational studies and articles
  • Conducting research for the advancement of rotational molding materials process and applications
  • Funding the development of methods, processes, procedures via funded research and projects that support the advancement of Rotational Molding
  • Providing support to students interested in a career in plastics whether in trade schools, vocational, college, university or post graduate studies
  • Conducting or funding seminars, webinars workshops and other educational programs.

While all of these projects are worthwhile, we wanted to get a specific direction from ARM members as to what they feel are important projects to support in the initial years of the foundation’s existence. As a result, an electronic survey of the membership was conducted and the results were pretty clear-cut.

Nearly forty-five percent of the respondents felt that funding research for the advancement of rotational molding procedures and applications should be the number one priority. Secondly, those responding felt that funding educational programs including seminars, webinars and workshops should also be a high priority. Finally, other priorities of the respondents included the promotion of rotational molding as a career and a focus on advancing the progress of developing materials suitable for rotomolding.

It will be up to the Board of Governors of the foundation to start on these projects and we have found some sponsors for projects already. We appreciate the support of the donors so far and look forward to advancing the case of Rotational Molding!  For further information and to download a contribution form, visit the Foundation page on the ARM website.

Bob Dunne is the President of Meese Orbitron Dunne and a member of the ARM Board of Directors.

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