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Corey Claussen
Corey Claussen

You may know that in 2011, a group of our younger members formed the ARM Future Leaders, a networking group open to anyone in the Association. The Future Leaders focus on troubleshooting, learning from one another, and becoming leaders in ARM and the rotomolding industry. They have also taken part in two plant tours – for Future Leaders only – in the past year.

The enthusiasm of this group has been infectious. The ARM Board reorganized the Committee structure, began a charitable group for rotomolding development and education, created this blog for the Association, and much more. These changes were directly or indirectly related to the Future Leaders.

I’d like to thank the Future Leaders as well as the members of our Education, Promotion, and Inspiration Committees. I think most of these folks would tell you that they get just as much out of being involved in these Committees as they put into it – hopefully more.

We’d like all of our members to get more involved in the Association through one of our committees, the Future Leaders, or new networking groups. Committees conduct a one-hour teleconference every other month and meet in person once a year at the Annual Meeting. You will learn from your committee members and be able to bring that knowledge back to you shop. At the same time, you’ll have some fun and you’ll probably make great friends.

To that end, the Promotion Committee and the Annual Meeting chair reorganized the schedule for this year’s Annual Meeting, so you don’t need to arrive a day early to take part in the Committee. There will be Committee meetings Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday mornings. When you register for the Annual Meeting, feel free to sign up to attend a Committee meeting – no need to ask.

If you have any question about involvement in ARM Committees or Future Leaders, contact our Managing Director, Adam Webb, at

What types of new projects ARM Committees should work on to provide a benefit to your company and the industry as a whole? Please leave a comment here or on the ARM LinkedIn page with your suggestions.

Corey Claussen is the Vice President of Custom Roto-Mold, Inc. and the Secretary-Treasurer of ARM.

The ARM Blog is written by a variety of leaders in the rotational molding industry. We encourage you to share your input in the comment section. If you’re interested in writing a post for the blog, email ARM staff at

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  1. Some great things happening with ARM, Corey. It’s great to be back!

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