Nugent leads well-received Materials seminar


A group of seven rotomolders and six suppliers attended Paul Nugent’s full-day Rotomolding Materials seminar yesterday. Paul spoke about what we can learn from rotomolding resins and they’re testing and trials of the past, what materials are available to rotomolders today, and what is being developed for the future.

Larry Haguel, Glenn Howard, Chris Shively (Elkhart Plastics), Gary Eich (Moeller Marine Products), Brian Boarder, Joe Lindsey (Play Power Inc.), and Anthony Riviezzo (Tracker Marine Group) joined Tracy Bartow, Brian Steenbeke (Brunk Corporation), Ron Cooke (ExxonMobil Chemical Company), Greg LeFevre (ICO Polymers, A Division of A. Schulman, Inc.), Stephen Copeland (Jerico Compounding), and Steve Andrzejewski (M. Holland) in South Bend, Ind.

Paul will be presenting a brand new seminar along with Michael Paloian at the ARM Annual Meeting in Cleveland on September 28. Design vs. Processing Processing vs. Design will cover best design practices for ease of processing and the relationship between the two design and processing. Paul and Michael will highlight the benefits that occur when good design meets good processing. Paul and Michael will co-present the full-day seminar together, sharing insights with the group and each other. You can learn more about the Annual Meeting here.nugent speaking

If you are interested in taking part in Paul’s Rotomolding Materials: Past, Present & Future seminar, please contact ARM Staff. Paul is considering conducting the seminar again at the end of the year.

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