Advanced Rotomolding Seminar

ARM Technical Director Nick Henwood will host an Advanced Rotomolding seminar at the ARM Annual Meeting in Kansas City on September 26, 2023 from 8 AM to 4:00 PM.

This seminar will cover how melt index and density relate to romotolding, alternatives to PE, how to use data sheets, thickness control, correct cure, how cooling affects shrinkage, controlling your oven for efficiency, process monitoring, troubleshooting, the top causes of scrap, and more.

The cost is $350/member. Breakfast and lunch are included. 

Course Outline

Understanding Materials

  • What is Polyethylene?
  • Meaning of Melt Index & Density, as it relates to rotomolding
  • Alternatives to Polyethylene
  • What a Data Sheet does (& doesn’t) tell you

Understanding the Process

  • The Basic Temperature Curve
  • Eliminating Bubbles
  • Thickness control
  • Understanding & controlling shot weight
  • Correct Cure and the Processing Window
  • How cooling affects shrinkage & warpage
  • Controlling your oven for optimum efficiency
  • Options for process monitoring
  • Process tuning
  • Multi-layer molding

Troubleshooting & Scrap Control

  • How to troubleshoot effectively
  • The 5 top causes of scrap
  • Simple in-house quality tests
  • Bearing down on your scrap rate

Dr. Nick Henwood

Nick has 35 years’ experience in rotomolding and is recognized as an expert in the field.  He is a member of the Rotational Molding Hall of Fame.

His rotomolding career started at Dow Chemical and later he co-founded his own material supplier company, Matrix Polymers.  His passion for research has resulted in important product developments and significant contributions to our understanding of the process.  In 2006, he sold his shareholding in Matrix and created Rotomotive, a company which focuses on R&D, technical consultancy, and training services.
Since joining ARM in 1994, he has contributed presentations, training seminars, and blog posts with members of the association. He has served on various ARM committees and was a member of the ARM Board in the early 2000’s. For the last 5 years, Nick has served as ARM’s Technical Director, where he has been instrumental in boosting our education and training service to members. In particular, he has facilitated multiple webinar series which are available online to members.
Nick is also a member of the British Plastics Federation, his local association, where he plays an active role.  Over the years, he has contributed at many conferences worldwide, including ARMO groups in Europe, India, Australia and South Africa.

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