Online Education: 125 videos and webinars on demand for members

ARM now offers more than 100 videos on-demand for members. Non-members can join ARM here. Members can access all of the titles listed below immediately. 

You can review all of the titles in our webinar library below.

Business Matters

  • Rotomolding Opportunities in H2 by Aldo Quarantino
  • Finding and Keeping Great Employees by Eric Chester
  • How HR Leaders Adapt by Gloria St. Martin-Lowry
  • 2021 Economic Forecast by Chris Kuehl
  • 2021 Resin Industry Forecast by Kristen Hays
  • Managing Risk for Rotomolders by Thomas Kammerait 
  • Leveraging LinkedIn to Grow Your Business by Lynee Alves
  • Polyethylene Market Dynamics
  • Roto +10 by Paul Nugent
  • North American Rotomolding Industry SWOT by Rick Carlsen
  • Selling in Uncertain Times and Tough Markets by Paul Reilly
  • Making the Most of Trade Shows by Melissa Shearer
  • 10 Actionable Business Topics by Thomas Kammerait 
  • Making the Most of Your Marketing Budget by Melissa Shearer
  • Prop 65 for Rotomolders by Mike Haubert 
  • Rebranding Your Business by Tom Innis
  • Rotational Molding & the Evolving Structural Part Processing Business by Dr. Peter Mooney 
  • Turning a 4% Bottom Line into a 10% Bottom Line by Al Bates 
  • Assessing Your Environmental & Regulatory Compliance Footprint by Tim Jones

Design and Cost

  • Rotational Molding Design Series (6 Videos) by Michael Paloian
  • Kymera Body Board Case Study by Mario Poma
  • Fracture Mechanics for Rotational Molding by by Sachin Waigaonkar
  • Stiffness Models and Options for Multi-Layered Parts by Dr. Nick Henwood 
  • Considerations When Light-Weighting Rotomolded Parts by Henry Hay 
  • Finite Element Analysis: The Basics by Michael Paloian
  • Determining Your True Cost by Steve Osborn
  • Save Energy & Save Money by Bill Spenceley

Materials and Testing

  • Rotomoldable Acetal for Tank Applications by Darin Grinsteinner
  • The Effect of Pigments On Warpage of Rotomolded Parts by Michael Haubert
  • Using Post-Consumer Recycled in Rotomolding
  • Introduction to Long-Term Properties by Dr. Nick Henwood
  • UV Stability and Heat Aging by Thomas Steele and Kyle O’Connor
  • Fade Resistance of Pigments
  • Leveraging New Resins by Carmine D’Agostino and Hassan Riaz
  • Long-Term Material Properties Q&A
  • Selecting the Right PE Grade for Your Part by Nick Henwood
  • In-Process Rotational Foam Molding by R. Dru Laws
  • Test Method for Flowability (Dry Flow Rate) of Polyethylene Powders Using a Specified Funnel by Ron Cooke & Jon Ratzlaff

Molds and Accessories

  • Automation Concepts in Conventional Molds and Robomolds by  Oliver Wandres
  • Mold Trends: Europe v. North America by Sergio Zilioli
  • Lengthening the Life of Your Mold by Tony Short
  • Mold Clamping Methods – Pros and Cons by Erik Adams and Bob Mueller   
  • Mold Release by Evan Silo and Scott Waterman 

Operations and Safety

  • Graphic Application Hacks by Jim Crawshaw 
  • Track and Trace by Jim Crawshaw
  • Health and Safety Training Series by Nick Henwood
    • Introduction to Risk Management
    • Mechanical
    • Thermal, Fire, and Explosions
    • Slips, Trips, Entanglements, and Static
    • Electricity, Gas, Water, and Compressed Air 
  • Post-Mold Label-Free Graphics by Konstantia Asteriadou 
  • Powder to Packaging – Industry 4.0 by Rob Miller
  • Foam Technology by Queen’s University Belfast
  • Welding 101 by Kevin McTavish
  • VR in Layout Planning by Karem Akoul
  • RotomoldUSA Plant Tour
  • Plasticraft Plant Tour
  • Process Tuning 101 by Dr. Nick Henwood
  • Seven Stages of Rotomolding by Gareth McDowell
  • Webinar Series on Finishing
    • Introduction
    • Standard Operations by Rick Carlsen
    • Mold-In Graphics by Jason Brownell and Scott Saxman
    • Polyurethane Foaming by Nick Henwood
    • EPS Molding by Corey Eystad
    • In-Mold Label-Free Graphics by Konstantia.Asteriadou
    • Finishing Parts with Robots by Dru Laws
  • Unwanted Holes in Rotomolded Parts  by Nick Henwood 
  • Resin Rotomation by Rob Miller  
  • Vent Plug Techniques & Installations by Sandy Scaccia 
  • Case Study: Finishing Parts with Robots by Dru Laws
  • Operator Training Program by Nick Henwood, Dru Laws, and more
    • Introduction
    • What To Know on Day One pt 1
    • What To Know on Day One pt 2
    • Molds
    • Venting
    • Mold and Venting Q&A
    • Mold and Venting Safety
    • Minimizing Waste
    • Contamination
    • Parting Lines
    • Parting Line Safety
    • Review of Molds, Venting, Contamination, and Parting Lines
    • Mold Terminology
    • Mold Finish and Maintenance
    • Material Weighing
    • Inside the Mold
    • Measuring Temperature
    • In-Mold Video
    • Shrinkage and Warpage
    • Thickness Control
    • Review of Molds, Measurements, Shrinkage and Warpage
    • Polyethylene
    • Beyond Polyethylene
    • Mold Release
    • Operator Safety
    • Review of Materials, Mold Release, and Safety
  • Cooling Fixtures by Ron Joannou Jr. and Joey Morsi
  • Improving Rotational Molded Insert Performance by Glenn Larkin and Jon Ratzlaff    2017 – 4
  • Troubleshooting Your Rotomolding Operation from a Shop Floor Perspective by Ron Cooke   
  • Solve Cosmetic Part Problems by Jon Ratzlaff 
  • EPCRA Reporting & Combustible Dust by EPA & OSHA
  • Proper Sampling Techniques by Josh Hunsberger and Dave Loeffler 
  • Burner Maintenance by Adam Covington
  • What’s Your Problem by Ron Cooke & Sandy Scaccia
  • Roto 101 by Rick Carlsen & Ron Joannou Jr.
  • Safety in Rotomolding & OSHA Compliance by Dave Schwoerer

Process Control

  • Troubleshooting Part Cure by Ron Cooke
  • The Use of Part Density Measurements to Assess Correct Cure by Nick Henwood
  • Industry 4.0 and Part Cure by Rob Miller
  • Modeling the Rotomolding Process by Hassan Riaz
  • Understanding the Molding Cycle by Gareth MacDowell
  • What Does Internal Air Mold Temperature Have to do with Quality by Gareth McDowell 
  • Infrared Thermography by Bill Spenceley

Webinars in Spanish

  • Operator Training Introduction by Nick Henwood
  • Molds and Venting by Nick Henwood
  • Minimizing Waste, Parting Lines, and Contamination by Nick Henwood
  • Molds and Mold Maintenance by Jim Henry

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